About Us

Licensee Solutions provides effective and commercial solutions to businesses providing financial services.  Our clients include accounting practices,  financial planning practices,  corporate advisory firms,  direct and indirect market participants,  general insurance brokers and responsible entities.

Specialist accounting knowledge

Our team is experienced in the accounting industry,  and understands the needs and dynamics of accounting firms.  Fiona Halsey,  the director of Licensee Solutions,  was a director and in-house legal counsel at Ernst & Young in Perth.  Fiona has also been a business and tax adviser at KPMG, a past WA State chairman and a past national councillor of the Taxation Institute of Australia.  Licensee Solutions offers a unique and specialist level of service to the accounting industry.   

We are an integrated team of specialists

We are an integrated team of specialist,  skilled,  multi-disciplinary practitioners of acknowledged national standing with significant governance,  risk management,  compliance,  financial services industry,  credit industry and practice management expertise to solve our clients' complex issues.  Please click here to read more about our people.

We are independent and act in your best interests

Unlike many of our competitors,  Licensee Solutions is not owned or related to any financial institution.  We do not promote or cross-sell platforms,  softwares,  financial products or research services,  nor do we receive fees or benefits from anybody other than our fee-paying clients.  Our advice and proposed solutions are for your best interest.

Tailored flexible service and delivery

We do not seek to impose our systems upon you.  Licensee Solutions considers your specific circumstances and creates and implements customised solutions to suit your individual requirements rather than simply offering a packaged "cookie-cutter" response.

Solutions across Australia and the world

We provide services across Australia and the world.  We use skype, messaging, email, phone and travel as required.  We work well across different time zones.

Hands-on implementation

Licensee Solutions' method of operation is not limited to simple analysis and reporting.  We seek to partner with you to identify issues,  define objectives and implement solutions in relation to the defined issues.  We can provide ongoing evaluation of the solutions to keep your business on track and many of our clients engage us on an ongoing basis for this.

Cost effective services

Our clients are generally pleasantly surprised by the cost of our services.  We provide fixed fees wherever possible.  Fixed fees are given for virtually all licence applications.

Halsey Legal Services

Our associated law firm,  Halsey Legal Services Pty Ltd (HLS) is a boutique law firm practising in Western Australia.  HLS clients include public and private companies,  partnerships and individuals.  HLS acts on a broad range and scale of matters including:

  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Regulatory matters
  • Commercial matters
  • Financial Services matters
  • Accountants support


HLS has particular skills and experience in financial services law.  You can read more about the services HLS offers on its website.

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