Changes to your business - Agreements

Throughout the licensing process,  you may be considering making changes to your business operations or structure.

Our associated law firm,  Halsey Legal Services,  can assist you with a range of documents including:

  • Authorised representative agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Referral agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Share sale or purchase agreements
  • Client service agreements
  • Chapter 7 – Client Disclosure Documents:  such as Financial Services Guides (“FSGs”),  Statements of Advice (“SOA”) and Records of Advice (“ROA”) templates.
  • Compliance and Administrative documents:  such as appropriately formatted compliance committee documents and minutes,  internal review and management documents (licensee/adviser reviews,  outsourced provider reviews etc.)
  • Business sale or purchase agreements
  • Trust deeds
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Financing documents
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Exclusivity agreements
  • Provision of documents to allow parties to explore a potential transaction without creating a binding agreement
  • Corporate credit and sub-credit representative agreements


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