AFS Licensing Service

The AFS licence application process can be overwhelming and time consuming for potential licensees.  We have successfully obtained AFS licences for over 140 practices throughout Australia.  Our AFS Licensing Service is hassle-free and cost effective.  We will help you through the entire process and even provide you with ongoing support to maintain and retain your licence after the AFS licence is issued to you.  Here is how we can help.

A limited licence

An applicant for an AFS licence that typically only wants to provide financial services in respect of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) consistent with what has been the “Accountants’ Exemption” will probably only want a “Limited Licence”.  For a fixed fee of $5,500 (exclusive of GST) we will:

  • Assist you to choose the appropriate authorisations for your business,  and assist you to determine whether a “limited licence” is sufficient for your proposed future conduct and business model.
  • Assist with the selection of appropriately qualified responsible managers and preparation of supporting documents. 
  • Prepare the licence application and all required supporting documentation (including relevant proofs) for lodgement with ASIC.
  • Liaise with ASIC including dealing with ASIC’s requests for further information.
  • Review and advise you about the licence terms and conditions offered to you by ASIC.
  • Provide a Licensee Induction Program that guides you and your responsible managers through your obligations as a licensee. 
  • Prepare a compliance manual customised for your business.
  • Provide you with basic instructions and some templates to assist you to produce your disclosure documents,  such as your financial services guide.
  • Provide you with basic instructions and some templates to assist you to document your ongoing licence obligations,  such as properly structured compliance committee documentation and mandatory registers for training and breach/incident reporting.
  • Liaise with other relevant industry professionals to assist you with your risk management and professional indemnity insurance needs.

A comprehensive licence

We can provide you with a fixed quote if you are looking for a broader and more comprehensive AFS licence.  Many applicants who have approached us have found the “Limited Licence” too restrictive to be able to adequately service their premium private clients.  It certainly does not permit a broad based corporate finance service to corporate and SME clients.   Call us for further information.  Our team is available to address any queries you have. 

Licence variation service

If you already have an AFS licence and would like to broaden your licence authorisations or change the terms of the licence,  we are experienced and can efficiently assist you with your licence variation.

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