Managed Investment Schemes

Licensee Solutions and Halsey Legal Services provide many services relating to managed investment schemes (MIS).

Establishing a scheme

If you are interested in setting up a Managed Investment Scheme, our associated law firm, Halsey Legal Services (HLS) may be able to help you. 

HLS can provide you with a range of services,  including:

  • advice on the best structure for the entities involved and the outcomes to be achieved;
  • documents,  including compliance plans,  constitutions,  intermediary agreements,  mandate letters and disclosure documents such as product disclosure statements or information memorandums;
  • advice on key outsourcing arrangements including custody,  administration,  registration and broker arrangements;
  • advice on structuring fees,  profit sharing arrangements (such as performance fees) and employee incentive arrangements;
  • advice on corporate governance,  conflict resolution mechanisms and regulatory compliance;
  • review of marketing materials or any existing disclosure documents;
  • advice in respect of incentive programs for retaining key funds management personnel;  and
  • liaison with ATO,  and obtaining product rulings where appropriate.

Running a scheme

Licensee Solutions provides all kinds of compliance support to the operators of MIS's.  These include:

  • assistance with licence application;
  • registration of scheme papers for registered MIS;
  • facilitating compliance committee meetings;
  • preparing compliance plans;
  • assisting with breach reporting;  and
  • liaison with auditors.


It is not uncommon for disputes to develop between:

  • members;
  • members and the responsible entity or trustee; or
  • responsible entity and manager.


Please go to the Halsey Legal Website for any services relating to disputes.

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